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Family Law Practice

Banieh Law Firm is a client-focused family law firm that is dedicated to high-quality service and relentless representation.  We desire nothing more than to help you through the divorce process as quickly as possible while providing the support and counsel that you need.  Our Houston divorce attorney is relentless in the cortroom and will fight tirelessly for maximum results.
Alimony/Spousal Support


In Texas, spousal maintenance is awarded based on many factors, including, but not limited to, the length of the marriage, the age and health of both spouses, the financial needs of each spouse, domestic violence, disability of the children, and the earning disparities between the spouses.



Asset & Debt Division


During the divorce process, you need an experienced divorce lawyer to fight for a fair division of your assets and debts. Otherwise, you could lose assets that are rightfully yours and end up with debts that you shouldn't have to pay. Begin now making copies of all monthly bills, retirement/401K statements, prior year tax returns, pay stubs, bank statements, Insurance policies, closing documents on properties, etc.


Business Owner Divorce


As a business owner facing divorce, you need to defend your business property and assets from being divided in the divorce process. A divorce attorney from can provide the relentless representation that you need to ensure that your business property is not considered to be community property.


Child Custody

​The most heart-wrenching aspect of a couple not remaining together is the realization that neither party will see the children every day. However, if you have been an active participant in your children's lives, there is no reason why your children should become strangers.  Banieh Law Firm represents parents who wish to play a pivotal role in their children's lives. We look forward to helping you to secure custody rights that allow you to be an active part of their lives as they grow older.


Common Law Divorce

Spouses who are informally married by common law must still go through the divorce process in order to end their marriage relationship. Speak with a divorce lawyer to find out whether or not you are common law married and need to file for divorce to end your relationship.

Grandparents' Rights

​Exercising access and possession as a grandparent can be tricky in the state of Texas. While Grandparents rights are expanding, there are still basic hurdles that must be overcome before  attempting to move forward to assert those rights. Finding a lawyer who understands the nuances of Grandparents' Rights and Custody rights for parents is paramount. A basic reading of the Family Law Code just won't do. Entrust the Banieh Law Firm with this sensitive matter and receive straight-forward, no-nonsense counseling on the most appropriate strategy to accomplish the goal of connecting grandparents with grandchildren.​


What do the following things have in common? Growth spurts; changes in work schedules; new marriages; consistent missed possession periods; puberty; changes in grades or academic needs... with the right facts, they all can be grounds for modification of a prior order.  Come in for a consultation and allow Attorney Banieh to assess the facts of your case to see how we can help you protect the best interest of your child.



Pre-Marital Agreements

​If you have substantial assets and property that you would like to protect before getting married, O’Neil Wysocki P.C. can help you draft a pre-marital agreement. Such an agreement outlines what property and assets are your sole property so that it cannot be divided in case of an unexpected divorce.


Parenting Time
(Possession and Access)


Most divorces that involve children result in a joint conservatorship where the time spent with the children is split disproportionately in favor of the person who is the managing conservator. In order to ensure that both parents have rights that are equal to the way they are accustomed to parenting, you must hire the right attorney who is skilled in securing  as many rights and duties as appropriate for the particular case at hand. Banieh is the right attorney for the job.


Post-Marital Agreements

Do you want to protect your personal assets and property after you've already been married? A post-marital agreement can outline what property is yours, protecting it from a division in case of a future divorce. A family law attorney can help you draft a strong agreement.



In order to have and protect your fathers' rights, you need to establish paternity. This can be done at the time of the child's birth, through adoption, through presumption, or by filing a notice of intent to claim paternity. Only then can you protect your rights to possession and access.



Mistaken Paternity

Did you claim paternity for a child you have now learned is not yours? Don't fret! The state of Texas has provided protection for "the good guy whose been done bad". Let The Banieh Law Firm help you out of this sticky situation. We can even help you to still exercise possession and access to this child without payment of child support if there is a long established relationship that would be beneficial for the child.

Same-Sex Custody


Establishing parenthood as a same-sex parent is more complicated than it is for heterosexual couples. You will need the counsel of a knowledgeable attorney to help you get custody in case of separation or divorce. Attorney has handled same-gender custody matters long before same-gender marriage became law.



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