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Divorce & Family Law Attorney
Banieh Law Firm handles divorce and family law matters and is licensed to practice in the state of Texas.  We understand that divorce can be a stressful season in your life.  Whether your divorce is uncontested, where both parties agree, or contested, meaning that a full- blown legal battle ensues, we will put your interests first and provide you with strong, aggressive, wise, and far-sighted legal representation.

As your Houston Divorce Lawyer, our main priority is to ensure that your mind and soul survive the battle over the pots and pans. Winning at any cost is never a win! Keen negotiation skills, mixed with a bit of Southern charm and humor, helps to keep clients composed during the storm and keeps more money in our clients pockets. For those times when only a "steel-toed boot" will do, Attorney Curvey stays ready by preparing a strong case to greatly increase our client's chances of a favorable outcome.

Ms. Curvey is a Houston Family Lawyer who specializes in divorce, child support, visitation, enforcement actions, child custody, and modifications. When spouses decide to divorce, children are caught in the crossfire. Attorney Curvey always places the best interest of your children before anything else. Attorney Curvey is also here to help you navigate through your custody, visitation, and child support concerns. Whether you need help filing, increasing, or decreasing your child support order, we will fight for you. Child Custody and Visitation matters can change in an instant. Why not have an attorney who is already well-versed in these areas to help you protect your children?  Waiting until something happens is usually too late to protect your child from harm. Our Houston Family Lawyers will guide you through the process, and ensure every important detail, past, present and future, are addressed. 

To learn more about our services and to begin strategizing your victory, contact the Banieh Law Firm at (832) 623- 7998 for an in-office/Zoom consultation.

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Turn to Banieh Law firm if you are preparing to divorce and want honest legal representation from an experienced divorce attorney.  The founding attorney has been recognized based on her results and commitment to excellence in practice.  She has a reputation throughout Harris and surrounding counties as a tough litigator who is willing to fight for her clients.

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